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Chateau Isabeau de Naujan – Saint Emilion Chateau Hotel

Chateau Hotel Isabeau de Naujan is a renovated 14th Century manor house about 10 minutes from the charming medieval village of Saint Emilion (33 Gironde, Nouvelle Aquitaine)

Chateau Hotel Isabeau de Naujan

Chateau Hotel Isabeau de Naujan offers a choice of  12 pleasant and comfortable rooms with direct view onto the vineyards, each individually decorated with an ensuite bathroom, TV and internet access.

Cellar visits and tasting opportunities can be arranged. There is also an Art Gallery and a terrace with views over the vineyards.

naujan_lapereyreThe “château” is  surrounded by 70 hectares of forests and fields (including 38 hectares of vineyards) and produces its own Bordeaux Supérieur wine under the label of Château Naujan Lapeyrere.

Saint-Emilion is the oldest wine producing- area of the Bordeaux region, and has been recognised by UNESCO as a world heritage site:

“Viticulture was introduced to this fertile region of Aquitaine by the Romans, and intensified in the Middle Ages. The Saint-Emilion area benefited from its location on the pilgrimage route to Santiago de Compostela and many churches, monasteries and hospices were built there from the 11th century onwards. It was granted the special status of a ‘jurisdiction’ during the period of English rule in the 12th century. It is an exceptional landscape devoted entirely to wine-growing, with many fine historic monuments in its towns and villages.”

Saint Emilion wines are considered to be amongst the best of Bordeaux. They can be generous, deeply-coloured, and age faster than other red Bordeaux.

The classification in St-Emilion is complex. including various “crus” e.g.  St.-Emilion-Grand-Cru and St.-Emilion-Grand-Cru-Classé (the top)

The vineyards of Saint Emilion were the first wine landscapes listed by UNESCO. For more see the Saint Emilion Tourist Information Office. The city of Bordeaux is well worth a visit – about 35km away – or about 30 minutes by train.

Chateau Hotel Isabeau de Naujan

more info linkFor more information and to check availability at this Saint Emilion Chateau Hotel see Chateau Hotel Isabeau de Naujan

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