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Visit a Vineyard

wine bottle and glassVisit a Vineyard? Many (but not all) vineyards welcome visitors to taste their wines, purchase a few bottles and sometimes see inside the winery and talk to the winemakers. You do not have to be an expert! (see our tips on tasting at the vineyard). Some offer accommodation, some have British (or English-speaking owners), others offer a Restaurant where you can taste some excellent local dishes with the wines.

The following is a select list of places where you will be welcome – some will have their “caveau“or cellar open for tasting and sales BUT do recognise that many are working vineyards, where the owner may be out amongst the vines – so always best to phone ahead if you can! AND be aware that visitors may not be welcome during harvest time!! See list below or see MAP

NB Winemakers do not pay for these listings – either we have visited personally or have received an independent recommendation! – do mention  if you make contact or visit. And let us know how it goes!

British owners British owners  accommodationwith accommodation restaurant onsitewith Restaurant