Château Bellevue – Armagnac Chateau Hotel


The Hotel Château Bellevue stands in the heart of the Gers département – which includes the Armagnac region.

This Armagnac Chateau Hotel is a manor house at Cazaubon (32 Gers, Occitanie) is surrounded by beautiful grounds, including an outdoor swimming pool. Spend the evening sampling regional specialties in the hotel restaurant before sipping a locally made Armagnac at the bar. The vineyards are close to the hotel, and are open for tours.
Armagnac is the oldest brandy in France and is made by a single distillation, whereas Cognac is made from a double fermentation. The result is often a more fragrant and flavourful brandy. You may also find some local wines which tend to be pleasant rather than outstanding, although the wines of St Mont, Madiran and Pacherenc du Vic Bilh are worth seeking out and are a bit further south.


Armagnac is one of France’s oldest spirits, and was in production over 150 years before Cognac.Whilst Cognac tends to be more popular, Armagnac is one of the world’s most stunning spirits – it’s an elegant, if slightly rustic, eau-de-vie. The Armagnac region is in Gascony in southwest France. The area possesses a rich culture and the landscape is beautiful and widely cultivated for farming. The most popular grape varietals used in the production of Armagnac include Ugni Blanc, Bacco, Folle Blanche and Colombard and the region is divided into three appellations; Bas, Haut and Ténarèze.
Cazaubon is about 100km north of Pau. It is a delightful and peaceful area of rolling hills and small towns and villages and its isolation from major cities and airports tends to make a car indispensable.

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