Pommard, Burgundy Wine Village


Pommard is a Burgundy wine village near Beaune famous for producing powerful and richly flavored red wines, made from Pinot Noir grapes. Pommard marks the start of serious red wine production in the Côte de Beaune wine region:

Pommard, that sonorous name, generous and evocative of an iconic Burgundy village and vineyard. Located between Beaune and Volnay, Pommard wines are the very symbol of Burgundy red wines and, since the Middle Ages, a benchmark, “The Flower of the wines of Beaune”. [www.beaune-tourism.com]

Pommard bottle

Conveniently situated just 2 miles from the wine centre of Beaune the village has quite a rustic feel to it, being surrounded by vineyards and all the activity of the wine-making seasons. The village offers a variety of accommodation options, including:

Hotel Le Clos du Colombier – with an outdoor swimming pool in the middle of the vineyards!

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The fame of Pommard in the 19th century earned it the image of a wine that is both forceful and virile. In reality, time, terroir and methods of vinification have all combined to create a more subtle reality, a wine that is both richer and more sensitive. Its colour is the deep, dark red with mauve highlights which caused Victor Hugo to speak of it as “night in combat with day”. Its aromas are redolent of blackberry, bilberry, or gooseberry, cherry pit and ripe plum. Often, wild and feline notes develop with age. At full maturity, it tends towards leather, chocolate and pepper.
It needs to be given time to open up to its fullest extent and to display its mouth-filling texture, its firm but delicate structure, its fruit-filled mouth, and its chewy tannins, which by then will be properly smoothed down.


Accommodation in and around Pommard

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