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This hotel featuring a gourmet restaurant and bistro is ideal for discovering Sancerre’s gastronomy and wines – .Sancerre Hotel Cote des Monts Damnés

Hotel Cote des Monts Damnés

La Côte des Monts Damnés is a prized plot of vines in Chavignol (18 Cher, Centre – Val de Loire), just a couple of kilometres from the wine village of Sancerre with its panoramic views over the vineyards, restaurants and wine shops. The hotel offers a range of spacious en-suite bedrooms and suites. Free wifi Free wifi

There is a bistro and a gourmet restaurant on site where you can sample some of the best wines of Sancerre and the local Chavignol cheese – an unpasteurised, firm goats cheese (Crottin de Chavagnol)

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Superb, world-renowned wines come from Sancerre (and Pouilly-Fumé) in the Central Vineyards (Upper Loire) of France. Sancerre is known throughout the world:for herbaceous, crisp, dry, white wines from Sauvignon Blanc grapes. Henri Bourgeois is a major player in Sancerre wines (and elsewhere).La Côte des Monts Damnés is a very steep south and south-west facing slope in Chavignol (18 Cher, Centre – Val de Loire) composed of Kimmeridgian marls (a soil made up of fossilized seashells and clay). This terroir gives roundness, deepness and a great longevity to the wines. It’s one of the best plots in Sancerre and Henri Bourgeois owns much of it. The most highy; prized Sancerre is the white, but rosé and red wines are also produced here.

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