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Domaine de Verchant – Languedoc vineyard hotel

booking_com_boxA few kilometres outside Montpellier(34 Herault, Occitanie) is a Coteaux du Languedoc AC hotel and vineyard : Domaine de Verchant

HotelDomaine de Verchant is a  5 star luxury hotel and spa contains 26 luxury bedrooms and apartments, and beautifully combines simple, stylish contemporary furniture with the charm and character of antique stone. All the alterations were carried out by Raymond Morel, who had redesigned the prestigious Murano and Kube private mansions in Paris.
The decoration of the domaine reflects the varied influences of Italian designers including Poltrona, Moroso, Casa Milano and Nanimarquina. Meanwhile, the facilities are resolutely geared towards the hi-tech, with ergonomic, top quality equipment.

At the domain, with the long history of our estate behind us, we focus all our efforts on maintaining our wines and ensuring that they flourish. Surrounding the Domaine de Verchant, the 17- hectare contains among others red Syrah and Grenache vines from the Mediterranean, and Merlot, Cabernet franc and Petit Verdot vines from Bordeaux. 10% of the vineyard is devoted to white grapes, with traditional Roussane, Viognier and Vermentino vines. Throughout the estate, old vines rub shoulders with more recently planted ones, and we have adopted the double cordon “Royat” pruning associated with wooden post trellises.

In the middle of a rich wine-growing area enjoying all the benefits of the Languedoc climate.

One of the oldest wine growing regions in the world with a history going back to the Greeks. These are hot climate wines – rich, spicy reds (from Mourvedre, Syrah, Grenache grapes), full-bodied rosés and some dry whites.

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