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Hotel des Cepages

The Hotel des Cépages is in the village of Arbois (39 Jura, BFC) (where Louis Pasteur was born). It is in an area which produces some of the best Jura wines from the Arbois AOC appellation, especially with the local Savignin grapes – note this is not Sauvignon – which produces dry white wines and the spectacular local Vin Jaune (yellow wine) and Vin de Paille (straw wine – as the process involves drying the grapes on beds of straw!)

In the heart of the vineyard of Jura, the Hôtel des Cépages welcomes you for a stopover, for touring the Franche Comté. A 3 -star Hotel and Restaurant “with multiple flavours” , reflecting the name “cépages” which refers to grape varieties! It offers 33 rooms in a modern building with a gastronomic restaurant, where you can match food with the local wines. You can enjoy relaxing in the garden or on the terrace while tasting the precious wine of Jura. The hotel is also located near tourist attractions in the area such as the Royal Saltworks at Arc-et-Senans (25 Doubs, BFC)

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Just because the Jura vineyards stretch over “only” 80 km (50 miles), it doesn’t mean they are less rich and varied. From Champagne-sur-Loue to Saint-Amour, nestled against the Jura Mountains, this region brings seven Appellations of Controlled Origin (AOC) together, ensuring the authenticity of its wines: Arbois, the oldest but also the most extensive; Côtes du Jura, which is found from north to south; L’Etoile, featuring the Chardonnay grape variety; and Château-Chalon, which produces Vin Jaune (Golden Wine). To these geographical AOCs, four Protected Appellations of Origin (AOP) can be added: Macvin du Jura (liqueur), Crémant du Jura (sparkling wine) and Marc du Jura (distilled brandy). There are five grape varieties in the Jura: Chardonnay, Savagnin, Poulsard, Trousseau and Pinot Noir.[]

for more info and to check availability at this Arbois hotel see Hotel des Cépages

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Hotel des Capages
Hotel des Capages

The local wine festival la Percée du Vin Jaune takes place each winter – in different villages each year – For more info on the wines of Jura and Arbois see

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