Château de Tauziès, Gaillac Aparthotel

French Vineyard accommodation

Chateau de Tauzies
Chateau de Tauzies

Gaillac Vineyard accommodation

In Gaillac (81 Tarn, Occitanie) in South West France, Chateau de Tauzies offers French Vineyard accommodation in an Aparthotel = self-catering rooms and suites with a kitchenette. Breakfast is available, The rooms have air-conditioning and free wifi Free wifi with access to a sun terrace and outdoor pool The owners have tried to ensure that guests enjoy comfortable accommodation in a calm rural setting surrounded by vines and woods situated between Toulouse and Albi (for its cathedral and Toulouse-Lautrec gallery)

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Chateau de Tauziès

Gaillac is an historic wine producing region located northeast of Toulouse. It can claim to be one of France’s oldest viticultural areas, established in Roman times and continues to produce a wide variety of wines today.These are distinctly individual wines using local grape varieties. Chateau de Tauziès is a family-owned estate combining wine making and hospitality, Nathalie Deschamps and Jacques Tranier make a range of interesting wines fromt the distinctive local grape varieties, principally Duras and  Fer (also known as Braucol) for red wines and Loin de l’œil and Mauzac, for whites. Stilll red, white and rosè wines are made together with a sparkling white (méthode ancestrale). Guests can enjoy a wine tasting and buy wine and local produce in the on-site Cave de dégustation and  Épicerie fine.

for more info and to check availability at this Gaillac vineyard Aparthotel see Chateau de Tauzies

alternative nearby vineyard accommodation at Chateau de Mayragues

Toulouse is about 34 miles/53 km. Albi is about 11 miles/20 km

airportnearest airport: Toulouse Blagnac TLS

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