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Hôtellerie Beau Rivage. Condrieu

The village of Condrieu lies on a wide curve of the River Rhône and it is this special position which helps to produce some of the most highly prized white wines from the Viognier grape, a rich intensely fruity. aromatic, yet often dry and “unctuous”. This is the only white wine of the northern Rhône – and many say that it reaches near-perfection in the vineyards of Chateau Grillet in nearby Verin. (Chateau Grillet is the smallest AOC in the Rhône Valley(3.5 hectares).

The vineyards here are quite small compared to the extensive vineyards of the southern Rhône, limited by the steep valley sides of the River and its ravines. Situated south of the city of Vienne (38 Isère, ARA) the appellation Cõte Rotie which is said to produce the best red Syrah wines, whilst the other appellations of the northern Rhône are further to the south around Tournon (07 Ardéche, Auvergne-Rhône-Alpes)

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A variety of accommodation is available here, including the Hôtellerie Beau Rivage in Condrieu which is wonderfully positioned on the river’s edge and has a Michelin-starred restaurant!
Other accommodation in and around Condrieu including hotels, B&Bs and self-catering.

for more info and to check availability at this Condrieu hotel see Hôtellerie Beau Rivage

nearby alternative vineyard accommodation at Domaine les Vignes, Cote Rotie

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The Condrieu terroir, on the right-bank of the Rhône, is famous for its white wines, and is the northern most white wine appellation in the Rhône Valley. These impressive wines inherit their exceptional character from the viognier that is planted here in its home terroir. The appellation’s narrow terraces are generally composed of granite and “arzelle”: a mixture of decomposed granite, mica, shale, and clay that gives Condrieu wines their fruity aromas of peaches and apricots.

The most prestigious vineyards are found on the right-bank of the Rhône, south of the Côte-Rôtie. Wine lovers will be sure to get away from the village and wind their way through the maze of vines that cover the hillside and, at the edge of soaring granite cliffs, produce a famous white cru.

When the viognier almost disappeared in the 1950s, a passionate few winemakers kept the appellation alive long enough to see a renaissance in the 1980s. Today, the AOC covers 110 hectares ,

Born from the capricious and subtle viognier – a grape variety native to Condrieu (though according to some sources, it is native to Dalmatia) and whose cultivation, legend would have it, was encouraged by the Roman Emperor Probus – the golden, delicate, and aromatic Condrieu reaches its best at a young age. Full bodied on the palate, its robust body reveals hints of peach and violet…