Castel de Très Girard Hotel, Morey-Saint-Denis

HOtel Tres Girard

In Morey-Saint-Denis (21 Côte d’Or, BFC) the Castel de Très Girard Hotel, a once a cooperative cellar, and then a private vineyard. The hotel looks out to the Côte de Nuits vineyard and is located just twenty kilometres from Dijon. The hotel Castel de Très Girard enjoys a fine reputation for its inventive cuisine enhanced by an outstanding wine list. Beams and old stone, furniture with fine patina are the inn’s outstanding features. The hotel offers a splendid combination of modern amenities and the charm of a beautiful traditional décor. The rooms receive permanent attention ensuring complete satisfaction for guests, some embellished with for-poster beds, a terrace and swimming pool. A superb hotel on the wine route.

burgundy wine bottle


Most of the vineyards are planted with Pinot Noir grapes, although a few parcels are planted with Chardonnay or Pinot Blanc varieties, yielding a rare and interesting white wine, generally quite firm and opulent.
Red: its colour is usually a full, firm, bright ruby, carmine or intense garnet with purplish highlights. The bouquet is partly of black fruits (blackcurrant, bilberry) and partly of red, pitted fruits such as cherries.

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airportairport: Dole Jura DLE 25 miles/ 40km

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