Sancerre, Centre/Loire Valley


The wine village of Sancerre (18 Cher, Centre-Val de Loire) is located on a hilltop overlooking the Loire River to the east and the vineyards of Sancerre to the West. Voted as France’s favourite village for 2021 by TV viewers – Le Village Préféré des Français  on France3 TV

.This is the home of the Sauvignon Blanc grape which here produces distinctive dry white wines from the chalky soil of the surrounding hillsides. A small amount of red Pinot Noir is also grown to produce light red wines – local wineries also offer the chance to try pinot noir, rosé and organic wines.

With small, tightly packed streets of the village and a belfry within this medieval walled village, there are some splendid vistas – uninterrupted panoramic views from the top of the Tour des Fiefs over the Loire Valley and its vineyards.

Sancerre has dozens of cafes, bistros and “caves” , where you can taste the local wines.

A great place for lunch in the town is the Taverne du Connétable  in the centre of town. Busy with locals and full of atmosphere you can get a hearty lunch and a glass or more of Sancerre – and leave knowing you’ve had a good lunch and not been ripped off.

The local wine centre La Maison des Sancerre is definitely worth a visit (open April-November). You should also try the local goats cheese (Crottin de Chavagnol) which goes so well with a chilled glass of dry white Sancerre.

Maison des Sancerres

At  La Côte des Monts Damné the grandson of Chavignol’s most famous vigneron, Henri Bourgeois runs a gourmet hotel, said by the Guardian to be  “the smartest place to stay in the Sancerrois”.  In addition to the gourmet restaurant there is  a less formal bistro! Rooms overlook  steep vine-covered slopes.  Visits to local wine cellars can be arranged.

Otherwise, although there are numerous hotels in and around the town, for the view from their dining room alone, try the Hotel Le Panoramic, on the Rempart Des Augustins

See the official website for the wines of the Centre-Loire. There is a wine fair in Sancerre in June  – see Sancerre Wine Fair

Hotel du rempart, sancerre

Accommodation in Sancerre includes hotels, B&Bs and self-catering such as the central Hotel du Rempart with great views over the vineyards.

Known for its exceptional Sauvignon Blanc wines, Sancerre is found in some of the world’s best restaurants and praised by many of the top wine experts. Although Sancerre is most famous for its white wine, the appellation also produces high quality red and rosé using Pinot Noir grapes.

East of Bourges, the Sancerre appellation is located along the left bank of the Loire River, stretching across 3,000 hectares (7,413 acres). This appellation extends over the villages of Bannay, Bué, Crézancy, Menetou-Ratel, Ménétréol, Montigny, St-Satur, Ste-Gemme, Sancerre, Sury-en-vaux, Thauvenay, Veaugues, Verdigy and Vinon.[]

Location: situated on the left bank of the Loire at the eastern edge of the Loire Valley. Vineyards cover a series of hillsides dominated by the “Piton” or peak of Sancerre.

Surface Area:

White: 2,200hectares / 5,436 acres

Red: 420 hectares / 1,038 acres

Rosé: 200 hectares / 494 acres

Soil: There are three primary soil types: Terres Blanches (“white earth”) is compact chalk atop kimmeridgean marl is characteristic of the western part of the region; Les Caillottes is gravel and limestone; and Silex (flint) is found in the eastern vineyards. 

Climate: A temperate continental climate includes an average rainfall of 32 inches/year and offers a relatively dry growing period…..

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